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Private Domain Name Registration

It's a frightening statistic. According to the Federal Trade Commission, ten million Americans have their identity stolen on a yearly basis. And the problem shows no sign of letting up. No wonder so many internet users are focused on keeping their contact information private. What some internet surfers don't realize is when they register a domain name, their contact information becomes available online to any unethical marketer or scam artist who cares to seek it out. Who wants to go through the hassle of trying to recover a stolen identity? You need to protect yourself from the unethical practices of individuals and companies who search the internet looking for people's private information. Private domain registration provides you a way to protect yourself against these unethical practices.

What is Private Domain Registration?

When you purchase a domain name, your contact information is published in the WHOIS database. The information in the WHOIS database is made available to the public. It's required by law that the contact information of the domain registrant be publicly displayed. This means anyone can find out who has registered a particular domain name along with their private information including email address, street address and phone number. When you register a domain name, do you really want your personal information available to so many eyes?

When you choose private domain name registration, your personal contact information isn't revealed to the public. Instead, the company offering the private domain registration service lists their own information and creates an email account for you, so you can still be reached in the event someone makes an offer to buy your domain name or contacts you for legitimate purposes. You'll have access to every email you receive and will still maintain complete control over your domain name. You can sell, renew or cancel it at any time.

The Advantages of Private Domain Name Registration

Not only will registering your domain name privately shield you against identity theft, it protects you against unsolicited email. Unethical companies use the WHOIS database to search for email addresses. Who needs more email spam? It also protects you against potential harassers and stalkers. If someone was offended by something you published on your website, they could easily look up your contact information online through the WHOIS database. With your contact information they can then harass you or even visit your home. Private domain name registration is a simple measure that protects the safety of you and your family.

If you're hosting a business using your domain name, you may not want competitors to know your identity and how to contact you. When you keep your contact information private, you reduce the risk of harassment by competitors who want to undermine your business. Even if you're running a non-business website, you may still wish to remain anonymous to your readers. Having your information private can help you feel comfortable expressing your views without fear of harassment. Your website is visible to the world, but that doesn't mean your personal information should be.

The Bottom Line?

Private domain name registration is an easy choice. It's an inexpensive service that offers you and your family anonymity and protection against data miners, telemarketers, harassers and stalkers. Consider getting it when you purchase a domain name, or add it to an existing one. It'll give you additional peace of mind.

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