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How to Choose a Domain Name

Just about any business can benefit from establishing an online presence. One of the most important parts of this is choosing the domain name for your website. This needs to be done with care, especially if you are building a business website. For personal websites, you do not need to pay so much attention to choosing the perfect domain name. The following guide will help your search for the perfect web address for your business.

Domain Name Technical Limitations

Your search for that perfect domain name does have a few technical limitations that you should know. You cannot use spaces or any punctuation marks except a hyphen. Domain names are restricted to using numbers and the 26 letters of the alphabet only. Letters may only be in lowercase.

Nowadays, it is also possible to register a multilingual domain name using letters with diacritics or different alphabets such as Cyrillic or Arabic. There are various hosting companies which provide the possibility of registering a multilingual domain name. There is currently little reason to do this especially for a business website because most internet users use the standard Latin alphabet.

Choosing the Best Domain Name

For SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, it is best to have a relevant keyword included in your domain name, in addition to the name of your business. You should also keep the domain name short and catchy so that people will easily be able to remember it. Avoid using deliberate spelling errors or SMS-type language, since people can get confused when they are trying to remember your web address.

Choose the top level domain extension carefully. This is the final part of a web address, such as .com or Using a .com address is best in most cases because it makes your site easier to remember. However, if the content of your website is only relevant to visitors in your country, you will be better off using your country's top level domain. Finally, you can also use a .net or .org extension, though these are more suitable for personal and other non-commercial sites.

You may also want to register multiple domain names. This can help you to protect your business and improve your SEO campaign. You can, for example, have one web address which is your company name and another address which is a popular keyword or phrase related to your business.

How to Register Your Domain Name

To register your domain name, you will first need to search for the domain name to see if it is available. Any hosting company will allow you to do a domain name search. Many of the best domains are already taken, so do not be surprised if your domain name search shows your first choice is unavailable. If it is unavailable, you can have a look on to find out who owns the website. Sometimes, webmasters will sell their domain names, so it may be worth asking.

Once your domain name search yields one that is available, registering it usually takes a matter of minutes and costs around $10 / year. There are also some premium domain names that cost quite a lot more than this. If you're interested in a premium domain name, you can search through those to find the right one but it will cost quite a bit more.

Once your domain name search is completed and you have registered your domain name, you will then need to pay for hosting. A cheap affordable hosting package, which is normally perfectly adequate to start out with, should cost around $5 per month.

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