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Finding Out Who Owns a Domain Name

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to know who owns a domain name. Suppose you've wracked your brain to find the perfect domain name for your new online business. Inspiration strikes and you rush to your computer to register your name and claim your piece of internet real estate.

Uh-oh! Your perfect domain name is already taken. Now what? Well, all may not be lost. There are options available for obtaining a domain name that is already registered by someone.

Some people register domain names and never turn them into websites. These names are simply parked at their domain registrar where they aren't being used. If the domain name isn't in use, there's a chance the owner will sell it to you, but how can you contact them to make an offer?

Fortunately, finding out who owns a domain name is simple, and you can do it without even leaving your computer.

The Process of Finding out Who Owns a Domain Name is Simple

There is a central domain directory called the WHOIS database that lists domain names and who they are registered to. Along with the name of the registrant, it shows their address, telephone number and email address. There are no restrictions on who can visit this site to do a search, and it's entirely free.

To find out who owns a domain name, first access the WHOIS database. Do a Google search for “WHOIS Database” and head over to the site. Once there, type the domain name that interests you into the search box. Be sure to use the proper domain extension such as .com, .org or .net. to make your search accurate.

When your search is complete, you should see the name and contact information for the registrant, administrative contact, technical contact and the billing contact. Write down the contact information for the registrant, including their email address, so you can get in touch with them.

In some cases, the domain owner will have chosen private domain name registration. This shields their contact information from public display to protect the privacy and safety of the owner. Even if they selected this option, you should still see contact information listed for their domain registrar. Write down the email address, and use it to contact them. Your email will be forwarded by the registrar to the owner of the domain name.

You can get another important piece of information from the WHOIS site - the date when the domain name will expire. This date tells you when the domain will be available again if the current owner doesn't renew it. A surprising number of domain owners let their name expire either due to error or because they never put it to use.

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