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Backorder Domain Name

Your domain name is not simply a web address: it's a branding tool that says something about the products and services you offer. A domain name should be short, memorable and easy to spell. Unfortunately, when you find the perfect domain name, you may be disappointed to find it's already registered. The good news is you may still be able to get your chosen domain name if you're patient and resourceful. Domain registrars make it easy to backorder domain names, so you can claim your favorite domain name if the current owner lets it expire.

Backorder Domain Name: What Does It Involve?

Domain names are registered for periods from one year to a maximum of 10 years. The majority of domain name owners, especially those who haven't built a website on their domain property, renew on a year to year basis. Sometimes they forget to renew it at all. In other cases, they may let a domain name expire because they didn't have the time to develop it. For whatever reason, they may not want to pay the yearly renewal fee to re-register it. This can work in your favor.

When a domain name expires, it again becomes available to the public. All domains have an expiration date, but it doesn't become open for registration by the public as soon as it expires. Upon expiration, any website hosted on the expired domain name becomes non-functional, but there is a grace period during which the original owner can still renew it. This grace period varies in length from 30 to 45 days.

After the grace period, an expired domain enters the 'redemption period.' During this 30-day period, the original domain name owner can still reclaim their domain, but they will have to pay an additional fee to get it back. This could amount to several hundred dollars.

Five days after the grace period ends, the domain name is deleted. When this happens, the domain name is available to be registered by a new party – and that could be you.

When You Backorder a Domain Name, What Happens?

To backorder a domain name, you place a request with a registrar that offers this service. The registrar will try to secure the domain name for you as soon as it comes available after the grace period ends. Once you've placed the backorder request, you simply wait until you're notified by the registrar that the domain has been secured. They will charge you a small fee if they're able to get the domain name for you.

Backorder Domain Name is a Service That Makes Your Life Easier

Backordering a domain name gives you an opportunity to secure a domain name you might otherwise not be able to get. All you have to do is place a request, and be patient. The registrar does the work.

So, if your heart is set on a domain name and someone else has already claimed it, use a registrar's backorder domain service offered to help you get it. Many people have used this service and have been successful Why not you?

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