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Premium DNS

You've purchased a domain name and have your website up and going. Congratulations! Now, you may want to consider adding a service called premium DNS. DNS is short for Domain Name System, and premium DNS is a service more businesses are choosing to add to their domain.

What is DNS?

When you type a web address into a computer to reach a website, you usually type in the letters of a domain name. This domain is linked with a series of numbers that correspond to the web address in computer language. For example, the imaginary domain name ( has a numerical address of This is called its IP address. If you were to type it into your browser, you would be directed to the appropriate website. On the other hand, life could get pretty confusing if you had to remember strings of numbers instead of words.

Where does your computer find the appropriate IP address? Domain names point to name servers. These name servers hold files that know what numerical address to load when you type a domain name into a browser. These files serve as a 'phone book' of sorts that point to the correct series of numbers when you type in your domain name. In real life, it would be like typing the name of a friend into your phone instead of their number and having the phone 'resolve' the name with the number and connect you to the right party. On a computer, this process of linking a domain name with a numerical IP address is called DNS resolution.

What is Premium DNS?

Premium DNS is an add-on service that speeds up the process of DNS resolution so your website loads faster and more reliably. It also makes the process more secure. One way it does this is by allowing use of a security tool called DNSSEC. This tool helps to keep visitors to your domain name from being diverted to sites that could harm their computer or steal personal information.

There are other advantages to using premium DNS. It allows you to back-up your site so your domain name won't go offline if your web hosting goes down. Also, if your web host is down, it can affect email delivery. Emails in and out may not go through unless you have a redundant system in place. Premium DNS gives you this redundancy.

Having premium DNS also allows more storage space for storing data and log tracking and the ability to control administrator privileges. It all comes down to greater flexibility, power and reliability for your domain.

Should You Use Premium DNS?

If you're hosting a business under your domain name and are concerned about outages and downtime, premium DNS offers the redundancy you need to ensure that things stay up and running smoothly. It also increases speed and security. Premium DNS may not be necessary for small website owners, but it's available at such a reasonable price that even web businesses are choosing to use it. Consider the benefits and decide whether premium DNS is right for you and your business.

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